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Friday, 8 October 2010

Paris 2010: Seat Ibe concept, the zero-emissions sports coupe of the future

Seat Ibe concept

By unveiling the Ibe all-electric sports coupe concept at the Paris Motor Show, automaker Seat showed that it's about ready to go toe-to-toe with some of the big dogs in the world of dreamy battery-powered machines. The low-slung four-seater oozes with style befitting a proper sports coupe and, in red, it's oh so delicious to look at. In concept form, the Ibe lacks the necessary go power that's needed to convince the performance-oriented buyer that it's a real contender in the sports coupe category, but what the Ibe gives up in grunt, it more than makes up for in style.

On to the goods we go. At less than 13 feet in length, the Ibe's smallish size significantly contributes to its low, 2,425-pound curb weight. With a max of 102 horsepower and around 148 pound-feet of torque provided by its electric motor, the Ibe's performance capabilities are very much determined by the vehicle's mass. The battery-powered 2+2 sports coupe runs 0-60 a few ticks shy of 10 seconds and tops out at 100 miles per hour. The lithium-ion battery, with a rated capacity of 18 kWh, should provide an honest 81 miles of range.

Seat describes the Ibe as the "super-compact sports coupe for urban mobility in the near future," and we find no reason to argue with that.