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Monday, 27 July 2009

Many Tata Nanos to be used as taxi cabs?

Tata Nano

India currently has just under 1.2 billion residents. Moreover, its population is set to overtake China any monsoon now. As India's economy continues to grow (currently the world's 12th largest) all those people now have places to go. We've all seen crazy pictures of fantastically overloaded Indian trains and buses with people hanging out of windows, but not only is that very dangerous, if you have a business meeting the last thing you want to do is sit on a dirty old roof with three dozen of your closest friends. Indians need taxis. Trouble is, cabs (and cars in general) are expensive to buy and poverty is still rampant. Enter the Tata Nano.

That's right, the world's cheapest new car is being eyeballed and ordered by many Indian entrepreneurs looking to start their very own cab company. Yes, Nanos are small and would make very lousy cabs in NYC or London. But to a person that's never owned a car before, it's (sorta) Versailles on wheels. And as the Nano is a no-frills, few features product, there's very little to break, so what does get broke will be cheap and easy to fix. In the biz, that's called "win-win." Besides all that, we're thinking that hundreds of thousands of Nanos darting all over Mumbai would be cute. Sort of like Rome in the 1950s.

[Source: Autocar]